Transforming Tollington

Shared vision

We aim to Transform Tollington by love for God, one another and this community, by serving the community in which God has placed us, and by following Jesus and to calling others to follow Him.

shared values

We will pray and work together to achieve this vision sharing five core values that we want to be central to the way that we work individually and together….

  • Prioritising prayer and worship
  • Encouraging gifts and ministries
  • Being accountable
  • Living as a community of disciples
  • Reaching out

Tollington Parish

Tollington Parish was established to bring together three churches in the Finsbury Park area to work together in ministry to the area in which we are set.  We are one parish with one vision, one set of values, one staff team and with one finance and church council who help to lead, plan and organise the mission and ministry of this parish.

three churches

The parish comprises three churches each with a distinctive context particular challenges and opportunities.  They each share in the life of the parish but  each has a vision and purpose for its own area as each church seeks to live out the parish vision to see these communities transformed.