Baptisms, Weddings, and Funerals

We would be happy to help you as far as we are able for any of these services. We have given some brief information below but if you would like more specific information or any further assistance, please contact the Parish office
Baptisms and Thanksgiving
We offer two services for families with babies, the service of Baptism or the service of Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a service where the child is prayed for and blessed but with no assumptions about the faith of the parents and no previous church attendance or preparation as long as you live in the parish.  The Baptism service invites a deeper commitment and solemn promises and in order to go ahead with a Baptism we invite you to regularly attend one of the churches with your family, to agree to a course of preparation and to agree to the promises within the service.

We also offer Baptism of older children and of adult and we often do this by immersion.  If adults want to be baptised we also invite them to be confirmed at the same time.

If you want any further details then please contact the clergy. 
Marriages and Services of Blessing
If you live in the TollingtonPumphrey Marriage Blessing Com Parish or a qualifying connection you have a legal right to be married in the Church. There are of course a number of preliminary arrangements that need to be made and these will be talked through with one of the clergy.

Please note that, although within the Church of England parishes are permitted to re-marry anyone who has been married before if the first partner is still alive, the church leadership has agreed that we will  not allow re-marriage within our churches.  Anyone who has been married before and would like a church service would need to arrange a civil ceremony at Islington Registry Office (Telephone 020 7527 6350), which can then be confirmed before God with a Service of Blessing.   For further information about Services of Blessing, please the clergy.
Funerals can be arranged if the deceased was a member of one of our churches, if they lived in the parish or had family connections here.   At such a sad time, you may prefer to contact the Funeral Directors in the first instance as they would be happy to contact us on your behalf. Please note that if you would like the Tollington clergy to take a service in the church that it is important to make sure that the clergy and the church are available.
Our Baptism and marriage registers have been renewed relatively recently and so if you require copies of Baptism and Marriage Certificates these may be held by the registrar or the records office and will not always be available in the parish.  Where we have the records in our registers we will be able to give reproduced in the future for a fee of £10 payable to the Tollington Parish. Contact us for more information.