Soul in the City

Paul and Katie compressedEvery year, Tollington Parish works with other groups in the local community to stage a week long programme of events and activities culminating in a Street Party. The aim of the Soul in the City festival is to further enhance and promote a sense of community on our local Council Estates.
On weekdays, various activities will be available for people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in, including gardening projects, sport and
Soul In The City 2010 2010-06-
football matches, art and crafts groups and activities for parents with young children. 
During the evening, there is also a programme of events including entertainment by rappers, street dance and ‘Tollington’s got Talent’, a talent quest providing locals with the opportunity to showcase their individual gifts and talents.
mixed group compressedThen, on the weekend, there is a Saturday Street Party which attracts local people to come together and share in free food, entertainment, and children's activities. Finally, on Sunday, we hold an open air Worship Service in the central square of the Andover Estate, followed by light refreshments.
Rachel and Joel compressedAll are welcome to this free programme and we love to celebrate the culturally diverse area in which we live with people of all ages. It is a great way to get to know people in the local area as well as to promote fun and friendship in our community. 
You can WATCH THE VIDEO here.
If you want to get involved let us know! For details about specific events during the week, check out our calendar or the Soul in the City Blog.